The world of the pharmacy has changed significantly. 

Until late in the past century the pharmacist major activities were centered on dispensing as well as compounding medications. Today this has completely changed. The role of the pharmacist has evolved to what it is today: a high value contact point, where people and patients are served with answers and advice on many of their questions. The pharmacy is a place for sharing information about healthcare, disease and disease treatment, follow-up on medication. ​


Pharma More strongly believes that pharmacies will continue to grow to a place where all kind of customers with an interest for healthcare are welcome. A place to seek and share info about healthcare and medication, disease treatment, follow-up... Pharma More stands for more pharma in a sense that we are convinced that for best healthcare and medication advice and information, the pharmacy is the place to be. The products, that we bring to the market, are pharmacy exclusive and do support healthcare and well-being of customers. As a company we do also want to strengthen the new broader role of the pharmacy.​


There is a trend where you hear or see people talking about self-diagnosis and even treating themselves with products without doctor interference or preventing themselves from everyday simple diseases without consult or advice from a professional. The internet has made people and patients more aware and informed. In a way it also stimulates companies to create products and marketing concepts with a self-care focus. In the light of all that will the pharmacy of the future be a great place to seek, share or exchange information regarding every aspect of healthcare and self-care.

Changing Pharmacies... Our vision.

Caring and Sharing

Pharma More is running for Think Pink!


Think Pink is the national breast cancer campaign in Belgium. Breast cancer is the most common cancer found in women. The sooner breast cancer is detected, the greater the chance of a cure. Through brochures, press releases, website, activities, events, and targeted actions throughout the year, Think-Pink demands more attention for breast cancer in general and the importance of screening mammography in particular.


Do you want to support Think Pink? - Have you an interest to organize an event or to become a volunteer? Here are some tips. - You can also support the vzw Think-Pink to fight against breast cancer by making a contribution to be paid on account 001-5758752-35 (IBAN BE57 0015 7587 5235 - BIC GEBABEBB)

What we do...

Developing, manufactering and distribution​


Pharma More develops, manufactures and distributes over-the-counter products with self-care medical device regulation. We are a One-Stop-Service provider for product brands that are looking for a distinguishing distribution partner in Belgium and Luxembourg. We have a team of well-trained sales professionals that bring our products to pharmacies. They are supported by strong customized marketing to ensure a successful sell-out. We strive for excellence and do live our values of transparency, positivism and enthusiasm. ​